Child Behavior Contracts should cover:

  • General behavior - how the child is expected to behave at home, school, or other places such as grocery store.  This would also include the treatment of siblings or other family members, types of language that is unacceptable, and household duties such as dishes, laundry, etc.
  • School performance - what grade point average or grades are expected from your child.
  • Appearance - what types of clothing is allowed, are tattoos and body piecings acceptable, what types of hair styles are acceptable.
  • Privileges - how often and for how long can the computer be used for things other than homework, how long can your child watch television, are cell phones paid for by parents or adults and what are the rules of use if applicable, what type of video games are acceptable.
  • Driving - what are the rules for driving, what happens if you are in an accident, get a speeding ticket.
  • Dating - what age is it acceptable to start dating.
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco use - what are the consequences for using any of these.
  • Curfew - when is curfew on school nights and on vacation or weekends
  • Extracurricular activities - what after school activities are acceptable or expected.
  • Consequences - each rule should have a consequence that is immediately enforced.  Consequences should be something that both parents and child can live with.
  • Signature lines - Both parents and children should sign the contracts.

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